Welcome to I'm Coin Crazy

A new blog and podcast dedicated to documenting the journey of understanding cryptocurrency. I have been blown away by the recent public interest in cryptocurrencies so I am setting out to demystify and simplify the information around this magical thing called, the blockchain.

Will it go mainstream or will it crash? Who is using it? and How does my grandpa know about it? I sure don't have the answers to all those questions, and I sure don't feel like I am the only one asking it. I created I'm Coin Crazy and rightfully named it after going crazy with the amount of information around this new category

My goal will be to give us a simple resource to research and find simple and straight answers to what we may see in the news or hear about from friends. The plan will be to create content that is knowledgeable, cited, and easy to understand.

Every week I will pick a new project and take on the role of understanding its intentions, technical problems, and possible hurdles that come with the problem that is trying to be solved. During this time I will document all that I find and create a project that will be added to our Project page. The project will then be discussed with members of the community and distributed via Podcast and blog.

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